i realise a lot of people on tumlr don’t follow sports/particularly the nfl and that means a lot of people on tumlr have no reason to know that the San Diego Chargers’ mascot is this horrible being named Boltman that i am increasingly sure is @dril’s physical form


hey there

here is a great website that outlines a lot of ableist language that people still use today, as well as talks about WHY these words are ableist and gives alternative words to use.

please read this page and phase ableist language out of your daily conversations, it does make a difference.

Jack Crawford heard the rhythm and syntax of his own speech in Graham’s voice. He had heard Graham do that before, with other people. Often in intense conversation Graham took on the other person’s speech patterns. At first, Crawford had thought he was doing it deliberately, that it was a gimmick to get the back-and-forth rhythm going.

Later Crawford realized that Graham did it involuntarily, that sometimes he tried to stop and couldn’t.

Harris, Thomas, Red Dragon, Berkley Books, Penguin Group, New York, New York, 1981, page 3 (bleeds onto page 4 in some copies) ←

He could see and hear better afraid; he could not speak as concisely, and fear sometimes made him rude.
Harris, Thomas, Red Dragon, Berkley Books, Penguin Group, New York, New York, 1981, page 12. (via disabledhannibal) ←

Dishonored Meta: Corvo Attano Is Not Your Action-Game Protagonist


Or, Who The Hell Is Corvo Attano And Why Can’t I See His Face?

I’ve written a lot about Corvo, both in fic and in meta, but I’ve never fully articulated why I like him or why I write him the way I do. Corvo’s a deeply frustrating character. He’s really hard to get a bead on. He exists in this odd liminal space between a fully blank-slate character like the Dovahkiin and a fleshed-out one like Ezio Auditore or even Commander Shepard. He doesn’t talk, he doesn’t have opinions; he’s passive. We don’t seem to know a lot about him.


The backstory and lore in Dishonored is an iceberg; it’s 90% under the surface, and you have to squint your eyes and use the Heart and dig a while to get to it. We actually know a ton about Corvo. And what we know is incredibly fascinating. I find Corvo so interesting precisely because he goes against all our preconceptions of what the protagonist of an action-heavy first-person videogame is supposed to be. He is kind, devoted, alone, confused, drifting, reticent, obedient, codependent, Type B, and a massive pile of understated pain and fail. His status as an ill-defined pseudo-blank-slate actually makes perfect sense for the story he’s in.

Corvo is an amazing character. He’s just very quiet about it.

Let me explain what we know, and what we can infer. I’m frontloading this essay with a lot of pure, hard evidence. Let’s begin with some broad points, shall we?

(Fair warning: this essay wound up being 4k words long. Grab a comfy chair)

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Dunwall Tinies

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my most pathetic game over : crushed to death by a coffee table, and… killed by… my own jump… ? (i’m still confused by this one)


Do people realise that physical disabilities are just as ignored as mental and that the only reason things like diabetes are accepted is because you actually can just “get on with your life” and that the only reason things like cancer and heart failure get sympathy is because the expectation is that they’re going to kill you and you physically cannot live with them?

Like. I appreciate the cutesy comics and stuff, they do help mental illness sufferers, but like. Erasure and ignorance of things like chronic pain and auto immune disorders are very, very much a thing.

Dishonored, by the water

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